Sunday, 30 July 2017

Cowabunga Records USA - 7" vinyl sale.

Cowabunga Records USA - 7" vinyl sale.
Clearance sale of the last few copies of these 7" from the long defunct USA record label Cowabunga Records which was run by my old mate Nick Sick - he tells me he's getting something together again, so I wish him all the best - just a few copies of most titles - indulge your fantasies for £1.99 each here -

Bloodtype ‎– Bloodtype - dark red/black mix.
Decay After Death ‎– System Fucking Bastards - White/Black Streaks.
Technicolor Teeth ‎– Sage - Marble Peach vinyl + blk vinyl.
Sweet Tooth ‎– Blister Music EP - one-sided flexi.
Rational Animals ‎– "Gabrielle".
The Narcs ‎– Long Hot Summer - clear blue.
Slobs ‎– Look Busy, Do Nothing - purple vinyl + blk vinyl.
Brown Sugar ‎– Luvly.

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