Friday, 9 December 2016

Tenement / Cülo ‎– split 7" Red w/ Orange Splatter with poster.

Tenement / Cülo ‎– split 7" Red w/ Orange Splatter with poster.
Mailorder only edition limited to 105 copies with lyric insert, black dust sleeve and great quality poster. - Cowabunga Records - superb 7" - Cülo have disbanded a few years back - great raw band.
Culo: A full side of raging, angry, smokin’ hardcore that’ll warm the cockles of anyone who thinks bands like Negative Approach are swell, if a wee bit too slow. If I had to narrow it down to a single word, “unrelenting” about sums it up. Tenement: Shit, I was feelin’ sorry for these kids for having to follow the Culo stuff, but they more than handle their shit here, delivering two tracks of pitch perfect, early Midwestern-sounding poppy punk (not pop punk) with loud guitars and the kinda songwriting that sticks in your head for days on end. This, my friends, is how a split should be in an ideal world—two white-hot bands aiming for the fences and delivering the goods in spades. –Jimmy Alvarado (Cowabunga)
A1 Tenement – Your Life Or Mine
A2 Tenement – Violent Outlet
B1 Cülo – I Don't Wanna Listen
B2 Cülo – I Don't Wanna Go To Psych Ward B
B3 Cülo – Antisocial Creep
B4 Cülo – Victim Of The Normal Life

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