Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Manpig - The Great Negative - LP

Manpig - The Great Negative LP
Very limited black vinyl
The back story on this one is way too long to get into, so let's just cut to the chase. This is an 2005 re-recording of the 1992 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino (both of INFEST). There are 17 tracks on this LP classic. Drawblank procrastination at it's finest! Similar bands or musical genres: INFEST, LOW THREAT PROFILE, and WEEKEND NACHOS. Cover art by Extortion vocalist Rohan.

1. Assimilate
2. Center Of My Storm
3. Boot To The Throat
4. Powder Keg
5. You'll Learn Defeat
6. Chew Your Own Leg Off
7. Big City Salvation
8. Ten Fold Hate
9. Out Of Mind
10. World Wide Suicide
11. Predator Of The Broken
12. Crowd Pleaser
13. Life-Like Motions
14. Character Flaw
15. The Truth And My Reality
16. Pot Stirrer
17. The Hard Act

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