Wednesday, 27 April 2011

School Jerks - Nothing Else EP - 7" ltd marble vinyl

SCHOOL JERKS - Nothing Else - 7"
Limited marble vinyl

WOW, I'd call this a semi 'CLASSIC' record. This is the 3 song debut EP from Toronto's School Jerks and it's a great follow up to the awesome demo. Ben and Ivan from Terminal State formed a band after TS' demise and rather than take all influence from the east coast, the band looked west. Early Flag, the Germs, Chiefs and Angry Samoans immediately come to mind. I can't recommend this any higher. These are 2nd press copies redone by Grave Mistake but using the covers and labels from the Riff Raff press and on MULTICOLOR WAX. If you don't have the 2nd record (aka Decline EP) or the newest one the Control EP, get those too.

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