Thursday, 14 June 2018

SKITKLASS - 'skit istallet for musik' - export only cassette and booklet.

SKITKLASS - 'skit istallet for musik' - Limited to 110 copies for export only - tape was made available at the live show June 2nd Osaka, Japan - this is a different cover for oversea's distributation only with 10 page A4 booklet of Skitklass artwork - very very limited stock ready to ship at your own convenience here - -

V/A - Dis is Malmö - LP splatter vinyl.

V/A - Dis is Malmö - LP splatter vinyl.
PRE-ORDER - here end of month - limited to 250 copies on splatter vinyl - secure your very own copy here - -
Dis Is Malmö 2018 LP. A documentation of Malmö’s raw punk mangel and d-beat scene. 16 bands contributes one song each to nail what could be as much as awesomeness as it could! One of the best compilations so far! Believe me - 16 superb bands.

RÖVSVETT - Bly, Skrot & Hagel - 7" EP colour vinyl.

RÖVSVETT - Bly, Skrot & Hagel - 7" EP colour vinyl.
PRE-ORDER - ships end of month - orange and grey vinyl - 100 copies only of each - please note I have no idea which colour I will get - secure your very own copy here - -
New 9th EP from swedish hardcore / punk legends Rövsvett. Recorded during autumn 2017 in Studio Underjord. This is the strongest and maybe the best material so far. Established in 1983! And in 2018 still great as hell. Some band members were in 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna - which is not so well-known swedish punk band from 80's. After great splits with Posion Idea and The Bristles here you have another great new recording!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Tell Us The Truth - 7" EP Japan.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Tell Us The Truth - 7" EP Japan.
Another great 7" from the mighty Pogo77 Records Japan - as with the last two sold out singles from Pogo77 there will be a regular and band/show only version - the regular version will have a six fold poster sleeve and the show only will be a completely different sleeve - purchase this punk/Oi gem with immense sincerity here - -
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Over the last 3 years Q&A have been working hard building a loyal following by organizing gigs and steadily releasing demos in there native Japan. 2017 marked the debut to the world of “Writings On The Wall” the 4 song EP. Made up of Skinheads, Punks and Herberts Q&A sound pulls from a wide variety of underground sounds. The band describes there Music as Hard Punk full of sorrow. They have taken there jaded nihilism that blends the Darker sounds coming From early 80’s No Future/Secret with 90’s Japan True Force to produce some hard hitting catchy anthems. This record is a must own for loyalist of the underground sound.
A1 Tell Us The Truth
A2 Questions And Answers
B1 Skinhead - town
B 2 Rights And Duties

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Martyrdod/Neolithic - Split - 7" EP colour wax.

In stock now - colour vinyls picked at random.
Martyrdod has always been one of the highlights of the Swedish d-beat pack, even before they blew the doors off the scene with the masterful "Eldopp" in 2014. Adding that Bathory-indebted sense of melody to the Anti-Cimex base that so many have used to such great effect, Martyrdod stands taller than all but the best of d-beaters, and here "War Of Worlds" is an example of how and why. Five minutes of catchy riffing, punk drumming, raw-throated screams, and melodic guitar leads - what's not to love? Maryland's Neolithic take on filthy death/sludge is well-done,  "Inner Adversary" rides tar-caked guitar tones through a crusty death metal first half, before slowing down to an appropriately sludgy crawl for the back half. It's in that back half that "Inner Adversary" shines most, with a simple and yet very effective riff and some almost blackened croaks from vocalist Evan Harting. Composed of current and former members of Swarm Of The Lotus, Putrisect, Pulling Teeth, and Ruiner.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

POGO 77 + SKITKLASSコラボ Collaboration T-SHIRTS ご注文はこちらへ.

POGO 77 + SKITKLASSコラボ Collaboration T-SHIRTS ご注文はこちらへ.
Schedule to be released on 25th April about the same time as the Skitklass live venue T's which are long sold out, also the Skitklass and Centipede 7" will be released at this time - all pre-orders will ship as soon as I get the package.
Pogo 77 and Skitklass have collaborated for this great design T-Shirt - availabel to order here -
Dra åt helvete if I remember correctly from my time in Sweden means literally, go to hell, fuck you, fuck off, my girlfriend was always saying it - black/white design on black shirt.
M height 69 body width 52 sleeve length 19
L height 72 body width 55 sleeve length 20
XL height 75 body width 58 sleeve length 21.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Bristles ‎– Boys Will Be Boys - 7" EP colour vinyl.

The Bristles ‎– Boys Will Be Boys - 7" EP colour vinyl.
 very limited stock - one per customer -
105 copies on Royal Blue vinyl.
103 copies on Two Colour Split: Gold / Transparent vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover (Black print on Silver cardboard)
In late February 1984 the band THE BRISTLES from Sweden recorded the songs for their second 7" EP "Boys Will Be Boys", the band improved their musical skills and their songwriting in a massive way and left out the Oi! influences you could hear on their debut EP. "Boys Will Be Boys" offers four great, powerful and pissed off songs, expect Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Sweden, no D-Beat, no Käng, just pure Hardcore full of anger and teenage angst. Once again THE BRISTLES deliver a valid proof that swedish bands can do great music without being influenced by DISCHARGE only, this release here is for fans of E.A.T.E.R., RÖVSVETT, RAPED TEENAGERS, NONCENS, NYX NEGATIV, ... .
"Boys Will Be Boys" originally was released on ROCKIN´ REBEL RECORDS from Sweden in the year 1984, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.
A1 The Last Survivors
A2 1984 Reality Today
B1 Never Give Up
B2 Boys Will Be Boys