Thursday, 18 October 2018

DISPAIR - Scarred - 7" E.P.

8 tracks uncompromising fast paced D-Beat Raw Punk from Finland. After two 12"s  and a 7" the Finns deliver angry and brutal straight forward HC-Punk. Nothing new here, raw noize just the way we like it!

HELLISH VIEW - Visions Of Raw demo - 12" color vinyl.

Total Disclose worshiping here. 10 tracks ultra raw D-Beat Raw Punk Apocalypse, this is the vinyl version of their demo tape.
1.Mass extermination 2.Nightmare 3.People 4.How? 5.Example 6.Corpse master 7.Unjust act 8.Clouds of pain 9.Endless war crimes 10.Born into war 

DECADE - DEMO - 7" colour vinyl.

Another classic D-Beat Raw Punk Inferno, straight outta North America! 6 Tracks in the Vein of KURO or DISCLOSE.

APPARATUS - FKU - 7" EP colour vinyl.

Malaysian raw Punk ragers Apparatus 
1.FKU! 01:14
2.Conformist Going Under 01:51
3.Deathtraps! Life-Trapped! 01:45
4.Ghostown Wolf 01:15
5.National Front 00:53
6.Vansinnets Historia (Totalitar Cover)

Saturday, 29 September 2018

NONONO - Live fast - 7" EP Japan.

NONONO - Live fast - 7" EP Japan.
Here late October -
NONONO were reformed last year. Their demo cd-r was released In January 
this year and then sold out instantly. They are playing in Tokyo mainly. 
This 7" includes 8 tracks of fast punk songs, their sound is familiar to Nödslakt and The Comes.

Friday, 28 September 2018

ACTUARY/BASTARD NOISE - Experimental Thinking/Human Horror Hymns-split LP colour vinyl USA.

ACTUARY/BASTARD NOISE - Experimental Thinking/Human Horror Hymns-split LP colour vinyl USA.
In stock now - explore the grooves at

Experimental/Noise/Grindcore from two of the best in the business.
BASTARD NOISE "HUMAN HORROR HYMNS" sees continuous member Wood adding Saira Huff (ex-DETESTATION, ex-QUESTION) as a key writing figure and second vocalist to expand BN's "cinematic skull vision" and attack. The fusion of Huff's razor sharp, assault and Wood's trademark "OUR EARTH'S BLOOD" varied voices, "HUMAN HORROR HYMNS" is a sequenced quadruple compositional journey into the psyche of evil human ignorance, willingness to slaughter innocent beings in constant holocaust number, and an unwillingness to act as a respectful "guest" on this sacred blue and green sphere. Easily the most unreal production BASTARD NOISE has ever acquired. Transcending, insect war electronics that will carry the listener through the perplexities of the inner "human waste" mind. Featured tracks are: 1) "WHAT ARE WE ?" 2) "BEYOND THE GRASP" 3) "LIVING STINKS" 4) "A CAN OF WORMS"

Thursday, 20 September 2018

THE LAST SURVIVORS - Don't Care About Raw Fuckin' Life - 7" EP, Japan.

Released 10th October, limited to 500 copies only, available for pre-order here - -
The Raw Punk Survivor! Michiaki Bristle the singer's good friend Mr.Kawakami (Disclose) made the words "D-beat raw punk", but they've approached just another "raw punk" style. like the original of Skizphrenia and Raw Distractions etc...They're inspiring to so many young punks like UK'82 - early 80's Scandinavian raw punk style! This title is 4th single from Pogo77 (sold out in one day) and then they put it on "1/2" 12"ep with siren intro as a special version for only one show, so this one is "1/2" 12"ep on 7"ep.
They re-started and played a couple of gigs a few years ago, no more active and heard now! For fans of BRISTLES, ABSURD, KOHU-63, THE INSANE, APPENDIX, LAMA, DESTRUCKTIONS, COURT MARTIAL, ICONOCLAST etc...